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Size Chart

Please refer to the size chart down below for information on choosing the best size for a tailor fit garment. Our measurements are referred in both inches and centimetres on the sizing guide and on each product page for effortless shopping internationally. 

Please be sure to measure your body accurately with a tape measure before shopping and have your measurements on hand when browsing our products. Match your own measurements with our sizing guide as accurately as you can to get the most flattering fit. Latex clothing usually fits snug and creates a flattering bodycon fit, so the measurements in the chart below are not the same as the garments measured when flat.


House of Harlot Size Chart


If you feel that you do not match the sizing guide or wish to have an item custom made with custom measurements, please refer to our Customs Guide here and or contact us for help. For any other questions, you can refer to our FAQs



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