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✙ Care of Latex ✙

Our special expert tips on making your bespoke latex garment last a lifetime!



We recommend gently hand washing our latex garments in lukewarm water with mild liquid washing detergent like Fairy liquid. Next, filled a basin with warm water and add one small teaspoon of liquid lubricant to shine your garment for a glossy effect. Drain the water and please hang to dry on plastic or wooden hangers in dark spaces indoors away from heat and direct sunlight.

Once completely dry, you're good to go! Rock your latex or safely store your latex in tissue paper or plastic garment bag in dark wardrobe for next time! Please keep your garment shined while storing to avoid latex damage.



Simply slide into your latex garment! If you are having difficulties, use a silicone based lubricant to apply on the insides of the garment for easier access. Talcum powder is also an option but we do not recommend it as things can get a little messy. Pull on latex gently, be mindful of using your fingernails as this may cause rips!



Keep latex away from direct sunlight when storing as long term exposure breaks down latex chemically, causing loss of shine, latex colour damage and elasticity loss in your garment. Try to avoid contact with brass and copper metals since they can cause permanent stains to your garment! These metals are found in body jewellery, bronzing agent makeup, coins and metal hangers. Also avoid non silicone based lubricants and products such as baby/body oils, fake tans, body makeup and hairsprays.  

If you have any questions about caring for your latex garment, please contact us here




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