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The FETISH BOX set is designed to cover the basic utilitarian bases and kinks for BDSM requiremen...
The FETISH BOX set is designed to cover the basic utilitarian bases and kinks for BDSM requirements and fun! It indulges in the luxurious and aesthetic qualities of latex fabric. You can add personal flair to your set with our five styles in various colours so you can find something to match your "dungeon.".

Within your box set, you get four to five items and the option for additional extras.

There are 5 options of box style:
  • House of Harlot Original - Flogger, O-ring choker, detachable leash, cuffs, cat ears.
  • Princess - Flogger, choker with bell, detachable leash, cat ears. All decorated with gems.
  • Love Hurts - Flogger, choker with heart padlock, cuffs, heart-shaped eye-mask.
  • XXX - Flogger with added chain tails, O-ring choker, detachable chain leash, cuffs.
  • Frill Lover - Frilled flogger, frilled choker, detachable frilled leash, frilled cuffs, frilled eye mask.

Within each box set, you will receive a short-range latex flogger with a studded handle for grip. The layered latex and density of tails give the flogger a considerable weight, meaning it provides a satisfying balance between a thud and a stinging sensation. You can achieve light strokes or a sharp sting upon impact in the right hands. It is the perfect size for genitals or for targeting specific areas; making it almost impossible to mess up your aim. The latex provides a unique sensation, different from that of leather or suede, making it a great new tool to have in your arsenal.

All items are extra thick and sandwiched around cotton tape for durability making them able to withstand whatever it is you have in mind.

For the nipple shields, we will make standard circle-shaped ones unless you request a customised version in another shape.

If you add your logo, please send us the photo of it to

  • All of our items are hand-crafted at our London studio.
  • Standard 4-6 Weeks for your order to be created.
  • Express Production & Delivery, 3-10 days available at Checkout.
  • Shipping Worldwide by trackable courier.
  • Payment by Paypal or Credit/Debit Card.

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